Candice Lo

Venture Partner

I am an operator turned investor with experience investing in Seed and Series A start-ups. I have joined Moonfire to help build one of the best performing early-stage funds in Europe that combines investing, operational and technical expertise.

Before Moonfire, I was a partner at Blossom Capital investing in entrepreneurs across Europe. And before that, I joined Uber in 2012 working across Asia, China and EMEA. Over my five years at Uber, I split my time between operations and business leadership. I spent three years in China, until Uber’s exit in 2016. I led expansion, people, product growth and regional operations, growing a team of 150 as Uber built and scaled the business across 200 cities. After Uber China merged with Didi Chuxing, I moved to EMEA to focus on enterprise sales, partnerships and corporate development. The people and the mission are the most important things when it comes to building great companies – that is what I’ve come to learn and what continues to drive me. There will always be unforeseen challenges, competitors and opposition that attempt to roadblock disruptive innovation. I have seen first hand what problems can arise when you provoke the status quo or offer a new way of thinking. I truly believe necessity is the mother of innovation and if there’s a better way to do things, we must provide credence and guidance to those at the forefront. This is why I’ve chosen to pursue venture, engage with today’s entrepreneurs and build a long-lasting relationship with founders. My experiences have shown me how to build. I have spent time developing SaaS products, sales operations, recruitment of localized teams and the development of generational technology. However, it is the people and the mission that provide my motivation. I want to empower those that are passionate about their ideas, willing to take risks and want to pursue the impossible. Europe attracts people who are diverse in thought, culture and life experiences, which is integral to building balanced and complementary teams. While the early stage is difficult, it is where the most strategic and fundamental decisions are made. I’ve launched countries from scratch and scaled in hyper growth, competitive, regulatory-challenged environments. I hope to help founders with their go-to-market strategy, team and culture, raising Series A and navigating the often treacherous beginnings of a startup. How can I help?

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