Ed Scott

MBA Intern

I'm a reformed corporate lawyer who moved into investing because I want to support amazing founders and companies in ways that far exceed the bounds of legal advice.

While at law school, I co-founded a start-up (think Citymapper meets FourSquare) which drew me into the entrepreneurial ecosystem and opened my eyes to the highs and the lows of start-up life. As an investor, I want to use this experience to guide founders through this journey in any way I can. I left the UK to study at Duke University in sunny North Carolina, where I met an inspiring group of people with a remarkable diversity of skills and backgrounds. After Duke, I was determined to continue to expand my horizons and got my first job post-college working at a newspaper in the Ivory Coast. While my flirtation with a career in overseas journalism was highly enjoyable, I realised that it wasn't necessarily viable long term so I pivoted to law - drawn to the analytical and people-focussed nature of the profession. At Paul Hastings, I had the good fortune to work with some of the top FinTech regulatory lawyers supporting a host of the most dynamic founders and unicorns in Europe and further afield. I loved assisting our clients and witnessing first-hand the awesome velocity with which they were scaling but was less enamoured with black letter law itself. After spending time at Sandaire, a large multifamily office and then Founders Factory on the operational side, I found myself particularly drawn to early stage companies seeking innovative solutions to non-trivial problems. After narrowing my focus, I joined Moonfire’s investment team in the summer of 2021. What I find so energising about Moonfire's mission is that we combine the best and most human aspects of venture capital with a scalable data and thesis-driven approach that supercharges the way we work, allowing us to spend more time helping the founders we partner with.

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