Faisal Alhajj

MBA Intern

I’m a former strategy consultant who has always been passionate about the impact that startups and their founders have in changing the way we do things for the better.

By the time I was 18, I had lived and spent time in 3 different countries (Saudi Arabia, UK, and USA). These experience have made me appreciate the uniqueness of different cultures and enabled me to build connections with individuals from diverse backgrounds. After completing my bachelor’s degree in the US, I worked in Private Equity for 1 year but quickly realised that I wanted to gain experience solving complex strategic problems before settling down on the investor side of the table. I moved on Bain & Company’s Middle East office where I focused on Financial Services and Energy. Although the majority of clients were large pubic or private sector institutions, I worked on multiple startup-related projects including the development of a digital bank targeted at optimizing personal financial management and the establishment of an innovative energy efficiency company that looks to catalyse the development of a more energy efficient Saudi Arabia. Having always wanted to return to the investor side of the table, I decided to pursue my MBA at London Business School with a goal to transition to Venture Capital. While at LBS, I worked with an AI startup that helps investors source and score startups. When I learned about Moonfire’s approach to investing, their philosophy resonated with me and my experience. Moonfire combines the best of a human-centric and a data-driven approach to investing, which allows us to spend more valuable time with founders we partner with. I joined the Moonfire investment team in the summer of 2022 and I am excited to work with an outstanding set of founders to help them nurture and grow their startups.

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