Jack Heller

MBA Intern

As an MBA intern beginning in June 2023, I look forward to helping Moonfire partner with world-changing European founders across the technology ecosystem.

After graduating from Duke University in North Carolina, I began my business career as an associate at Bain & Company to help large businesses solve problems, and to learn how large businesses actually run and operate. My personal interest in investing, and a desire to work with companies over a longer time horizon, led me to AVALT, a permanent-capital family office investment firm in Boston. Working with large businesses as a consultant and an investor over six years showed me first-hand how stale technology and outdated processes can cause decision-making friction and limit great people from achieving their full potential. At AVALT, I was also always drawn to potential investments that were earlier in their story or truly disrupting their industry. These experiences grew my interest in the start-up world, particularly toward investing in founders building the next generation of technology businesses to transform how we work. My international career ambitions led me to London Business School's MBA program, where I first learned about Moonfire and how their theses aligned with my perspectives. I was further inspired by their thought leadership in venture capital: they are leading the way in how VCs leverage AI & ML expertise on their own team to support founders and build a more effective VC.

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