Mattias Ljungman

Founder & Managing Partner

I am a big believer in the European tech ecosystem. I started out as a research analyst in the 1990s and began my venture capital career in London in 2000 working with young tech companies on their strategy and eventually with their exits and IPOs for CLS Holdings.

In 2006 I co-founded Atomico with Niklas Zennstrom, the founder of Skype where we were lucky enough to invest in the next generation of the best and brightest European founders. My key investments include Supercell ($5bn exit to Softbank), Klarna (valued at $10.65bn), Viagogo (valued over $2.25bn) and Climate Corp ($1.1bn exit to Monsanto). I was an active board member and advisor to these companies when they were in the early stages of their development. At Atomico we worked hard to inspire founders to think even bigger and I aim to do the same at Moonfire. For the last decade, I have seen how US seed has flourished, driving strong returns with successful funds. The same evolution is accelerating in Europe as a flood of late stage capital boosts demand for seed opportunities. I want Moonfire to take a leading position in the nascent European seed ecosystem. It is my firm belief that VCs need to create powerful tech platforms to hone, scale and optimise everything they do. Every single Moonfire work process, from discovery to evaluation to support, is tech and data driven. It has been my ambition to build a new type of VC firm and the last year has been amazing as Moonfire has grown from a dream into a reality. As a founder myself, I know how hard and even lonely it can be sometimes and I aim to turn that experience into advice for fellow European entrepreneurs. I look forward to hearing how we might work together.

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