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The fastest way to onboard and manage your staff.
Founders: Giovanni Luperti & Karolis Narkevicius
WebsiteHumaans's Website
 Giovanni LupertiKarolis Narkevicius


Meaningful online therapy for busy people.
Founders: Javier Suarez & Sancar Sahin
WebsiteOliva's Website
Javier SuarezSancar Sahin


Building the next generation camera games for Gen Z girls.
Founders: Tara Reddy & Sam Weekes
WebsiteLoveShark's Website
Tara ReddySam Weekes

Awell Health

Delivering patient pathways making healthcare data usable, translatable and lifesaving.
Founders: Thomas Vander Casteele & Yann Buydens
WebsiteAwell Health's Website
Thomas Vander CasteeleYann Buydens


Building immersive narrative games with engaging story lines taking us closer to delivering the intersection between films and games.
Founders: Nihal Tharoor & Benedict Tatham
WebsiteElectricNoir's Website
Nihal TharoorBenedict Tatham


Building a learning platform to develop your interests, skills and career through compound learning.
Founders: Joshua Wöhle, Melody Lang, Florian Zysset & Patrick Cootes
WebsiteMindstone's Website
Joshua WöhleMelody LangFlorian ZyssetPatrick Cootes

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