Where we focus

We focus where sources of disruption intersect with sectors that are driving innovation

We believe a new generation of companies are providing ubiquitous, trusted access to knowledge, capital, and well-being. There are three elements driving change – Access, Efficiency, and Service Quality – what we call the Golden Triangle. The interaction between these constituents are catalysing innovation. At Moonfire, we invest in this Golden Triangle where companies efficiently leverage networks and platforms that offer a higher service quality and create exponential growth.

Capital & Finance

We believe that providing ubiquitous and efficient access to capital creates a new generation of innovation and growth for society.

Work & Knowledge

We believe broad affordable access to knowledge is accelerating learning opportunities and progress. This access is also changing the workplace and improving working environments.

Gaming, Community & Leisure

We believe that there is a broadening interest and reach in gaming, community, and leisure creating more accessible and immersive forms of personal engagement.

Health & Wellbeing

We believe technology is making healthcare more efficient, affordable, and accessible as the sector fights growing costs.

What we believe

Realising the potential of key sources of disruption

At Moonfire we believe there are several key technical movements that are redefining all sectors of technology - we call these movements "sources of disruption".

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

We believe that Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning will change that way that humanity works, lives, and interacts with technology.

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

We believe that XR experiences will unlock innovative interactions and play a major role in how one engages with immersive content.

Web3 & Blockchain

We believe the blockchain's power as a globally distributed transactional database is changing the way that the world computes and unlocking new product capabilities.

How we work

Our Tech

To create a next generation VC fund, we combine traditional strategies with data-driven approaches using proprietary technology solutions. We improve our reach and the quantity of deals we can review by expanding the breadth of our data sources, automating our investment processes to drive efficiency, and methodically evaluating our partners’ decision-making to improve performance.

Our Promise

We are inspired every day to support the next generation of founders to allow them to achieve their dreams and goals. By being there at the very beginning, we seek to build the best platform to take founders through their first phase and help them go on to raise later-stage capital.

Who we are

We are a passionate, curious and collaborative team, working to a strong set of core principles and focused on championing our founders and helping to transform their companies.

Mattias Ljungman

14 years ago co-founded Atomico, which has over $2bn AUM. Invested in Klarna, Supercell, Climate Corp, and Viagogo.

Mike Arpaia

Founded Kolide as CTO with deep expertise in ML/AI and distributed systems having worked at Facebook, Etsy, and Workday. Member of the Kubernetes core team.

Our people

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