Mike Arpaia

Managing Partner

I’m a computer scientist with experience building early-stage start-ups as well as contributing to industry-leading tech companies. I’m passionate about machine learning, distributed systems, open-source software, and quantitative finance.

I started off in New York working on data infrastructure and operating system security before joining Etsy as a Software Engineer. In 2014, I moved to San Francisco and joined the team at Facebook, where I created and open-sourced osquery in 2014. Osquery has since become a standard in the information security industry, where it is used by thousands of companies all over the world to detect and respond to security threats and other critical incidents. Wanting to build a company of my own, I left Facebook in 2016 to co-found an infrastructure analytics company called Kolide. Kolide aimed to help companies leverage the power of osquery. As the co-founder and CTO of a small venture-backed infrastructure analytics start-up, I built and led a high-performing, fully-remote engineering organization and acted as the lead architect and developer for almost all of our backend, infrastructure and operating system software. After three years at Kolide, I joined Workday’s Machine Learning organization and led the team to a successful launch of a distributed embedding-based search and multi-document matching engine. I also worked as a Machine Learning Research Engineer at Mila, a leading academic deep learning lab, on a project that combines state-of-the-art deep learning for computer vision and climate science to make an impact in the battle against climate change. I have long harboured a passion for venture capital and quantitative finance. After meeting Mattias and learning about his vision for Moonfire, I knew that I had to sign up. At Moonfire, I’m responsible for the definition and delivery of the firm’s technology strategy. I spend my time architecting and engineering our software, sourcing and processing massive datasets and developing machine learning solutions, which allow Moonfire to leverage this data to make successful investments. I’m passionate about early-stage venture capital and the future of the technology industry in Europe. I’m excited about what we’re building and looking forward to working with the best founders in Europe. I hope my experience will help them make their visions a reality.

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