Tom Bradley

Senior Software Engineer

I’m a seasoned frontend Software Engineer, passionate about developing fast, aesthetically pleasing and clean web applications. My love for Javascript and in particular, React, has shaped my career in a significant way.

After growing up in Bristol, my journey began in Vancouver, where I started as a Software Engineer for a small online store. As my passion for Javascript grew, I transitioned into creating more complex and engaging user experiences. I’ve lent my expertise to multiple start-ups, including Betway, Babylon Health, Scalable and Hopin, helping them build engaging and user-friendly interfaces. My love for travel and new experiences took me to many parts of the globe, including Australia, Canada, and numerous locations throughout Europe. I spent five enriching years in London, where I contributed to the thriving tech scene. However, in 2020, I made the decision to move back to Bristol to be closer to nature and my family. As part of the team at Moonfire, I’m responsible for creating beautiful, clean, fast, and functional user interfaces. I take great pride in not only creating tools for our platform's users but also for my colleagues. My mission is to ensure that every interaction with our platform is a delightful experience. I’m deeply passionate about early-stage start-ups and the potential to make a substantial impact. My interest in the venture capital and finance industry has always been present, and when I had the chance to meet the team at Moonfire, I knew I had found my place. The opportunity to contribute my skills and help grow this amazing family has been a natural progression in my career. I look forward to leveraging my skills and experience to help guide Moonfire's technological direction. I believe that my journey, full of diverse experiences and vast industry knowledge, will be instrumental, and I am thrilled to be a part of this exciting venture.

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